UFEX (ROFEX Uruguay Bolsa de Valores y Futuros S.A.) is born in the city of Montevideo in 2011, with the purpose of providing transparency to the price discovery of agricultural products, offering hedging tools on the price risk of said products.

Relying on the experience and technology of ROFEX, Argentina Clearing S.A. and Primary S.A., UFEX is aimed at facilitating the sector's financing, through risk reduction.


President: Ignacio Miles

Vice-President: Diego Fernández

Regular Members

Luis B. Ossola

Alternate Members

Nicolás Baroffi

Luis Alberto Herrera

General Manager: Marcelo Crossa

UFEX Uruguay Futures Exchange Luis A. de Herrera 1248 World Trade Center Complex, Tower III. Phone: (00 598) 26287033.